Meaning of fecklessness in English:


Pronunciation /ˈfɛkləsnəs/


See feckless

‘To the extent that I thought about it at all - and no-one should underestimate the capacity for fecklessness of the 18-year old - I'd more or less accepted that if I got drafted, I'd go along.’
  • ‘He said: ‘The accusations from the finance world are often that a bad debt is a result of fecklessness on the part of the borrower.’’
  • ‘Then they call their opponents nasty names, cut dirty deals, and violate constitutional rules all to escape the mess they themselves created by their own weird combination of vanity and fecklessness.’
  • ‘And in both cases this angry minority has had far more influence than its numbers would suggest, largely because of the fecklessness of the left and the apathy of moderates.’
  • ‘But I'm glad that I can acknowledge my fecklessness now.’