Meaning of federal holiday in English:

federal holiday


  • A public holiday established by the federal government of a country.

    ‘there's no mail today because it's a federal holiday’
    • ‘Tomorrow is President's Day, a U.S. federal holiday.’
    • ‘In 1905 Colorado became the first state to officially observe Columbus Day, which later became a federal holiday.’
    • ‘The president can declare a one-time federal holiday any time he likes by issuing an executive order to that effect.’
    • ‘There are 15 days recognized as federal holidays, not including Easter and Good Friday.’
    • ‘Has anyone noticed that Christmas Day is a federal holiday, but that it is also a religious holiday?’
    • ‘In addition to federal holidays observed by the entire United States, Hawaii also celebrates Kuhio Day on March 26, and Kamehameha Day on June 11.’
    • ‘There are too many federal holidays already.’
    • ‘In 1983, Ronald Reagan signed a bill honoring the Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. with a federal holiday.’
    • ‘In 1938, the American Legion convinced Congress to make Armistice Day an official federal holiday.’
    • ‘Congress made the third Monday in February the federal holiday for Washington's Birthday in 1971.’