Meaning of feeble-mindedness in English:


Pronunciation /ˌfiːb(ə)lˈmʌɪndɪdnəs/


See feeble-minded

‘He refers to ‘gullible consumers’ and goes on to argue that ‘today's average consumer may be an everyday victim of foolishness and feeble-mindedness in their consumption behaviour’.’
  • ‘Even hardened journalists and academics, long resigned to their toil among the ignorant, have recoiled before the feeble-mindedness of the man.’
  • ‘Similarly, his 'weasel' example makes it clear how much feeble-mindedness he assumes in his readership.’
  • ‘As he concludes, and Hornby substantiates, ‘such feeble-mindedness has by now established itself as common sense.’’