Meaning of feed out in English:

feed out

phrasal verb

mainly New Zealand
  • feed something out, feed out somethingDistribute hay or silage to livestock as supplementary feed.

    ‘his son feeds out hay to the sheep’
    • ‘In the severe droughts of the 1980s and 1990s, you would have seen us feeding out a lot of expensive grain and hay to our animals.’
    • ‘On the day I had to feed out twelve tonnes of finishing mix, four tonnes of starter mix, and two tonnes of hay, the wind was blowing a gale.’
    • ‘The artwork spread across both truck and trailer depicts healthy young female farm workers feeding out straw to a herd of cows.’
    • ‘He likes the way they fall into line when he's feeding out.’
    • ‘The dairy farmer said the "big dry" had become so severe he was now feeding out $800 worth of supplementary feed every day to keep his cows milking.’