Meaning of feedbag in English:


Pronunciation /ˈfiːdbaɡ/

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  • 1North American A strong canvas or leather bag containing fodder, hung from a horse's head so as to enable it to feed; a nosebag.

    ‘I refilled her water trough and feedbag’
    • ‘Our four-legged hero doesn't even get an extra carrot in his feedbag for his efforts.’
    • ‘It'd be better if you could stick a feedbag to your face, but you can't unless you're a horse, so taking in six meals per day is your best bet.’
    • ‘Their feedbags got lighter and lighter while their loads got heavier and heavier.’
    • ‘Carrying feedbags with a ration of oats, he led Ember into the little shelter he'd prepared for the horses.’
    • ‘The bucket had been stuck on the animal's snout, hanging like a feedbag, preventing it from eating or drinking.’
    • ‘We only use feedbags when we go off trail riding and they are on the picket line.’
    • ‘She designed her own equine feedbag after her retired racehorse kept spilling and wasting his food.’
    1. 1.1A small lightweight bag containing food and drink, given to riders during a cycling race.
      ‘a helper was trying to hand out the feedbags to the riders’
      • ‘The TV coverage shows a helper dancing around to hand out the feedbags to his team.’
      • ‘Oh boy, Arvesen of CSC has now gotten a feedbag caught in his back wheel.’
      • ‘The four leaders, Vinokourov, Botero, Pereiro, and Martinez, are getting their feedbags.’
      • ‘Halfway through a stage, Armstrong grabs a musette, also known as a feedbag, from a roadside team staffer.’
      • ‘After the riders have all taken their feedbags, then it gets stressful.’
      • ‘The feedbag will not hold as much stuff as a backpack.’
      • ‘For the pros, celebrating the win, taking a feedbag in the feed zone and putting a rain cape on and off are all necessary skills.’