Meaning of feeder school in English:

feeder school


  • A school from which many or most students progress to a particular higher-level educational institution.

    ‘the school takes pupils from six main feeder schools’
    • ‘a feeder school for Eton and Harrow’
    • ‘The Open Day is being advertised throughout the Eastern Cape, with potential feeder schools being targeted.’
    • ‘Macalester was also mentioned in The Wall Street Journal in its list of the top 50 feeder schools for top graduate schools.’
    • ‘Another key area for development is liaison with primary feeder schools.’
    • ‘Staff from Guidance Services and heads of careers from York College feeder schools attended the event.’
    • ‘We celebrate certain religious dates with a mass and are very involved with our four Catholic feeder schools.’
    • ‘The four targeted schools educate kindergarten up to Grade 4 students and are feeder schools to larger elementary schools.’
    • ‘But of the other top 10 feeder schools, only Bruce College Limerick charges fees.’
    • ‘At the same time, our feeder schools were realising that to prepare their pupils effectively for secondary school, they needed to know what we were doing.’
    • ‘They have a certain secondary school in mind, so want to move into the catchment area for one of its primary feeder schools.’
    • ‘By involving the five feeder schools, it is hoped that pupils would receive continuity of support and tuition.’