Meaning of feedforward in English:


Pronunciation /ˈfiːdfɔːwəd/


mass noun
  • The modification or control of a process using its anticipated results or effects.

    as modifier ‘feedforward correction capabilities’
    • ‘Our prediction, then, is that decision optimization should follow a learning curve that is similar to weight modification in feedforward networks with Hebbian learning and prototype learning in recurrent networks’
    • ‘To achieve such a goal requires an understanding of the regulation of photosynthesis in the wider picture of the whole plant and its environment, taking into account feedforward and feedback controls of photosynthesis.’
    • ‘Therefore, feedback or feedforward interactions may conceivably occur between different hormones and AOS.’
    • ‘Connections that proceed from the sensory periphery to the higher-order areas of the brain that are implicated in more complex processing are known as ascending or feedforward projections.’
    • ‘More generally, feedforward with respect to the environment (other performers, for example) implies some predictive model of action in the world.’