Meaning of feedstock in English:


Pronunciation /ˈfiːdstɒk/


mass noun
  • Raw material to supply or fuel a machine or industrial process.

    count noun ‘the advantage of efficient technology and low-cost feedstocks’
    • ‘There are also large gas-fields of ‘fossil’ methane, buried in rocks and now running out as we use the gas as fuel and chemical feedstock for many materials including fertilisers.’
    • ‘Modern economies cannot function without adequate energy supplies and feedstock for key manufacturing processing.’
    • ‘In recent years a lot of interest has developed around the industrial application of feedstock from renewable resources.’
    • ‘He said the renewed focus in the region was due to high growth in petrochemicals demand, progressive liberalisation of large key markets and access to low cost feedstock.’
    • ‘In addition to the economic benefits of using renewable resources instead of non-renewable fossil fuels for industrial feedstocks, tremendous environmental benefits can be realized.’
    • ‘Last year, Dow boosted profit margins despite huge increases in spending on natural gas and oil, which you use as energy and as raw materials or feedstocks for chemicals and plastics.’
    • ‘In real industrial processes the feedstock is often a very complex mixture, which may all affect the catalyst performance in some way, so it is premature to extrapolate the research to working systems.’
    • ‘You don't want to pollute the area by burning these fuels, which should be used as chemical feedstock for industry anyway.’
    • ‘Biotechnology also has the potential to improve non-food uses of crops as sources of industrial feedstocks or new materials such as biodegradable plastics.’
    • ‘For example, it is estimated that 4% of the world's annual oil production is used as feedstock for plastics production, and an additional 4% is consumed during manufacture.’
    • ‘A 63 percent increase in gas prices has pushed the cost of the industry's main feedstock from 70 percent to 80-85 percent of its overall production cost.’
    • ‘‘The current delivered cost of biomass is comparable or even cheaper than petroleum-based feedstock on an energy basis,’ Huber says.’
    • ‘The use of modern biomass in the industrial, power production and transport industries is supported, as waste products from agricultural processing are good feedstock for such systems.’
    • ‘The plant would use corn, wheat, sugar beet and energy crops such as miscanthus and preferred a mix of feedstock including agricultural waste, such as straw, to minimise seasonality of supply.’
    • ‘Also, there will be increasing emphasis on the use of oil and natural gas as chemical, raw material feedstocks for production, especially Middle East production.’
    • ‘While methane generally serves as a fuel and is often simply burned off at a refinery, the other light gases can serve as the starting materials for plastics and polymers or as feedstock for a number of other petrochemicals.’
    • ‘The feedstock is injected into a mold cavity using molding machines that are very similar to traditional plastic-injection molders.’
    • ‘The petrochemical plants use gas separated from oil as their main feedstock and this is one of the most flexible, cost efficient chemicals operations in Europe, producing over 1.8 million tonnes of petrochemical products each year.’
    • ‘Britain should also adopt biomass feedstock for all existing power stations.’