Meaning of feel one's legs in English:

feel one's legs


(also find one's legs)
  • Become able to stand or walk.

    ‘She began to feel her legs again, so she brought herself up to a stand with little effort.’
    • ‘My senses finally rushing back to me, I found my legs and charged out of the elevator with a vivacity that I didn't even know I possessed.’
    • ‘Nikki faltered and found her legs again as she sat down.’
    • ‘Fighting for air, Allie found her legs and began kicking upward in the frigid water.’
    • ‘She finally finds her legs and she runs to the door that leads to her backyard, expecting to find comfort in her cocker spaniel, Pounce.’
    • ‘‘You'd better sit down, until you find your legs,’ advised Terry.’
    • ‘The man behind Madia let go quickly enough and slid sideways to join his friend, leaving Madia to find her legs again.’