Meaning of feijoa in English:



  • 1An evergreen shrub or small tree that bears edible green fruit resembling guavas. It is native to tropical South America and cultivated in New Zealand for its fruit.

    Genus Feijoa, family Myrtaceae: two species

    ‘Next project here is to plant the vege garden, and feijoa and lemon trees.’
    • ‘So today I was down the bottom of the garden, and I've known for a little while that I have two feijoa trees (after I learnt to distinguish them from pohutukawa).’
    • ‘On top of this, it also devoted space to figuring out the more complex cultural relationships that define New Zealand - like that which Kiwis have with the feijoa.’
    1. 1.1The fruit of the feijoa.
      ‘In this version of baked apples, the cavities are filled with sweetened fresh feijoas.’
      • ‘I will enjoy having help picking the peaches, plums and feijoas while some of the more active young people will enjoy climbing up the big avocado trees to pick the alligator pears.’
      • ‘I have made it with kiwifruit, feijoas and guavas, and all have worked well.’
      • ‘I also picked some chillis, feijoas and mandarins that day.’



/feɪˈ(d)ʒəʊə/ /fɛˈ(d)ʒəʊə/ /fiːˈ(d)ʒəʊə/ /feɪˈjəʊə/ /fɛˈjəʊə/ /fiːˈjəʊə/


Late 19th century modern Latin, named after J. da Silva Feijó (1760–1824), Brazilian naturalist.