Meaning of feldspathic in English:


Pronunciation /ˌfɛl(d)ˈspaθɪk/


  • (of a mineral or rock) of the nature of or containing feldspar.

    ‘Neither sample showed optical evidence for postformation alteration in the form of chloritized veins or sericitization of feldspathic minerals or micas.’
    • ‘Compositionally, the turbidites are mostly feldspathic litharenites with trace amounts of serpentinite, anorthosite and mafic volcanic clasts.’
    • ‘The turbidites and their migmatized schistose equivalents overlie the grey feldspathic arenites but it is unclear whether this relationship is stratigraphic or the result of tectonic stacking.’
    • ‘The coarse-grained sandstone matrix is dominated by feldspathic litharenites with 50-70% quartz, 2-5% K-feldspar and 10-15% plagioclase.’
    • ‘The lower member is dominated by a thick basal dolomite and passes transitionally upwards into the psammitic upper member, which is largely feldspathic schist and quartzite.’