Meaning of felix culpa in English:

felix culpa


  • 1(in Christian theology) the sin of Adam viewed as fortunate, because it brought about the blessedness of the Redemption.

    ‘There is no celebration of the felix culpa in Milton's treatise; instead, there is a conditioning of the reader to the epistemological conditions the Fall imposes.’
    • ‘It is not surprising, therefore, to find Milton invoking the idea of the felix culpa in the poem’
    • ‘Just this once, I'm not going to go on about just how very much I love the felix culpa passage from the Catholic liturgies.’
    1. 1.1An apparent error or disaster with happy consequences.
      ‘he presents the revolt as a felix culpa’
      • ‘His black streak of self-destruction will be the felix culpa of his ultimate redemption.’
      • ‘But there seems to be a felix culpa happening here as well.’


felix culpa

/ˌfiːlɪks ˈkʌlpə/ /ˌfeɪlɪks ˈkʊlpə/


Latin, literally ‘happy fault’.