Meaning of fellmonger in English:


Pronunciation /ˈfɛlˌmʌŋɡə/


  • A dealer in hides or skins, particularly sheepskins.

    ‘this gateway was used by a fellmonger for drying wool’
    • ‘The Day Fair was another important event for the fellmonger, and for the town itself as a centre of the tanned hides industry.’
    • ‘It was built c1857 for the brewing family, and until recently was the fellmongers' works.’
    • ‘There were three other dressers/tanners and a sole fellmonger in Scotland.’
    • ‘In 1931 he married Ethel, daughter of a fellmonger.’
    • ‘He added material about the town's two ancient guilds, the Fellmongers and Haberdashers.’
    • ‘There were big wagons carrying cotton bales to the mills from the enormous railway warehouses on Manchester Road and dripping hides from the fellmonger's to the tannery.’
    • ‘The directories provide an invaluable insight into trades long gone, including curled hair manufacturers, curiosity dealers, feather cleaners, fellmongers, saddlers, and salt merchants.’


[with object]Australian
  • Remove (wool) from a sheepskin.

    ‘1,100 bales of wool have been fellmongered on the premises’
    • ‘Negotiations are continuing on a deal that could see toll processing of pelts and a rationalization of the southern meat processors' fellmongering operation.’
    • ‘The shoemaking business began as a small side line from fellmongering, woolstapling, and tanning.’
    • ‘This wool is not recorded as production until fellmongered in Australia.’
    • ‘These skins were fellmongered and processed for nappa production.’
    • ‘In those days the chief business of the firm was 'fellmongering'.’


Mid16th century from fell + -monger.