Meaning of fellow being in English:

fellow being


  • Another person or other living creature considered in relation to oneself.

    ‘all his life he showed compassion towards his fellow beings’
    • ‘There is no greater inherent need than to interact with our fellow beings.’
    • ‘Children learn to respect fellow beings in their own way.’
    • ‘The remaining forty-five years of his life were dedicated to the service and instruction of his fellow beings.’
    • ‘I have tried hard to form rules that may benefit my fellow beings.’
    • ‘He feels compelled to correct himself and dedicates himself to his fellow beings.’
    • ‘It was far from any town, the kind of place where you tend to huddle close with your fellow beings on dark nights.’
    • ‘The driver should never injure or take away the life of a fellow being on the road or in another vehicle.’
    • ‘He believes in helping his fellow beings, in doing some good to the society, and in always being truthful.’
    • ‘I often saw nurses denying cigarettes to patients, for no other reason than the pleasure of exerting power over a fellow being.’
    • ‘The bears are simply drawing natural consequences from the behavior of their fellow beings - visitors to the National Parks.’