Meaning of fellow citizen in English:

fellow citizen


  • A person from one's own city or country.

    ‘people were recruited to spy and report on their fellow citizens’
    • ‘What they did not feel confident of was the continuing support of their fellow citizens.’
    • ‘Great cities are developed by visionaries who instill pride and optimism in their fellow citizens.’
    • ‘If you do not want to respect your fellow citizens, go live somewhere else.’
    • ‘Let's get busy, and lead our fellow citizens into a confident, healthier future.’
    • ‘It is encouraging to learn from this poll that a majority of fellow citizens now realise this.’
    • ‘The conclusion seems to be that journalists must re-engage with their audience as fellow citizens rather than potential customers.’
    • ‘By unleashing thousands of people to spread the word to friends, neighbors, and fellow citizens, a campaign could grow faster than through any other medium.’
    • ‘Certainly this is true of the figures in pictures with very similar subjects by Vermeer's contemporary and fellow citizen of Delft, Pieter de Hooch.’
    • ‘He did not consider it necessary in a democratic society to prohibit a fellow citizen's right to speak when he came to discuss religion with his neighbour.’
    • ‘This fellow citizen has endured, with truly Roman dignity and fortitude, a campaign of malignant defamation.’