Meaning of fellow man in English:

fellow man

nounplural noun fellow men

one's fellow man/men
  • Other people in general.

    ‘this has restored my faith in my fellow man’
    • ‘his every move in life was for the benefit of his fellow men’
    • ‘We should not take pleasure in the misfortune of our fellow man, no matter how silly he may be.’
    • ‘Nor am I a man in the eyes of my fellow man.’
    • ‘To turn her away into the loneliness from whence she came would be a crime against our fellow man!’
    • ‘Man has the capacity to forgive his fellow man.’
    • ‘We've watched the television series, seen the movie and all marvelled at the stupidity of our fellow man.’
    • ‘He wanted to stimulate anthropological debate, to allow viewers to better understand their fellow men.’
    • ‘I have wept at the horrors inflicted by man on his fellow men.’
    • ‘Yet in these troubled times Dionne still has faith in her fellow men.’
    • ‘No one has learned the meaning of living until he has surrendered his ego to the service of his fellow men and women.’
    • ‘I want to improve the quality of life for my fellow men.’