Meaning of fellow worker in English:

fellow worker


  • A person with whom one works.

    ‘he was held in high regard by his fellow workers’
    • ‘We have heard testimonials from her students and fellow workers.’
    • ‘He had a bad work record caused apparently by his inability to get along well with fellow workers.’
    • ‘With fellow worker Mulcahy, Goodrich takes care of the animals' day-to-day needs.’
    • ‘It is far from clear that he was authorized to give direction to a fellow worker.’
    • ‘That was all achieved before they could share a cold beer and barbecue lunch with cookhouse staff and fellow workers.’
    • ‘When he was in Missouri he socialised in a limited way with fellow workers who were housed in the same building.’
    • ‘At eight-thirty she'd gotten a fellow worker to cover for her while she supposedly went to the drugstore for a prescription and took a short nap.’
    • ‘Performing the work under supervision of a well-trained fellow worker should lead to learning and development highly relevant to the job.’
    • ‘While employed there, he built a houseboat with the help of fellow workers.’