Meaning of felonry in English:


Pronunciation /ˈfɛlənri/


historical Australian
  • Convicts and ex-convicts regarded as a social class.

    ‘the felonry have become rampant and insolent’
    • ‘Britain's colonial policy was shaped by a desire to limit the evil effects of the felonry on Maori.’
    • ‘Historians paid considerable attention to the circumstances that created this unwanted felonry.’
    • ‘It was almost a game the Criminal Investigation Department played with the felonry, with both parties knowing where, sooner or later, the spotlight of police attention would fall.’
    • ‘They displayed a dangerous and disgraceful spirit of favouritism for the felonry.’
    • ‘It degraded the whole of colonial society, both felonry and free.’


Mid 19th century from felon + -ry.