Meaning of female-oriented in English:



(mainly British female-orientated)
  • Biased towards, dominated by, or designed for women.

    ‘female-oriented websites’
    • ‘There is ample room for more than one female-oriented cable service, say industry observers.’
    • ‘If female-oriented dramas are your bag, you might want to give Riding In Cars With Boys a rental.’
    • ‘Respondents said the job should lose its tag of being mainly female-oriented, helped by career talks in schools by male teachers and television advertising.’
    • ‘Her character is simultaneously masculine and feminine; the show is both male-oriented action-adventure and female-oriented fantasy.’
    • ‘Fathers said they felt the current parenting magazines - with their pastel-colored copy and female-oriented subject matter - belong to their wives.’
    • ‘There are various things that have been in the female-oriented advert campaigns that we have had, which have been intended to attract women particularly.’
    • ‘The agency has aggressively recruited women, targeting female-oriented career fairs and sending brochures to colleges.’
    • ‘Certainly if you're looking for a film that's female-oriented, then this one might not be for you.’
    • ‘The newspaper's new TV section - a more female-oriented supplement - is viewed as a positive in the market.’
    • ‘Why are there now so many female-oriented books with pastel-coloured covers about twenty-something relationships?’
    • ‘The first female-oriented societies were the aristocratic courts.’
    • ‘When I asked him his opinion of all the female-oriented makeover shows on TV, he shrugged and said: 'well, television is for women anyway, isn't it?'’
    • ‘"The View" was supposed to elevate female-oriented conversation to a higher level, illustrating how most women really talk and disagree. < / p> STAR JONES, FMR.’
    • ‘I realize I'm making it sound like there are no female-oriented films out there, and that isn't the case, but I do feel that they are the minority.’