Meaning of female genital mutilation in English:

female genital mutilation

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(also female genital cutting)
mass noun
  • The practice, traditional in some cultures, of partially or totally removing the external genitalia of girls and young women for non-medical reasons. It is illegal in many countries.

    ‘In November, the UN General Assembly passed its first resolution condemning female genital mutilation.’
    • ‘The World Health Organization estimates that about 140 million girls and women have undergone female genital mutilation.’
    • ‘Egypt outlawed female genital mutilation after a 12-year-old died in 2007.’
    • ‘Political correctness is preventing British officials from taking tough action against female genital mutilation in this country, a report by MPs says.’
    • ‘Some practitioners believe female genital mutilation will prevent sex before marriage and promiscuity afterwards.’
    • ‘She writes that her patients have endured both major and minor long-term complications from female genital cutting.’