Meaning of femaleness in English:



See female

‘For years I wasn't into wearing anything ‘sexy’, feeling that I would just be perpetuating a sexist objectified view of femaleness that was shoved down my throat via the covers of magazines.’
  • ‘He cross-dresses for the ‘feeling’ of being a woman and in order to assume the emotions and behaviours associated with femaleness, not for any erotic reasons or compulsions.’
  • ‘The arresting part of this photo is not her femaleness, although foregrounding her gender seems to be the intention, but the condition of her gun, which is old, chipped, and rusty.’
  • ‘The concept for this exhibition came from the Celtic pagan festival that celebrated the femaleness of things.’
  • ‘In the course of offering us these products, they fortify these notions of femaleness.’