Meaning of femicide in English:



mass noun
  • The killing of a woman or girl, in particular by a man and on account of her gender.

    ‘we are very concerned with the high level of femicide in our country’
    count noun ‘they put pressure on the police to end the femicides’
    • ‘Femicide has been on the rise.’
    • ‘The discovery of the pregnant teenager's body has caused nationwide protests of thousands against femicide.’
    • ‘The EU will commit to support initiatives against gender-based violence and femicide.’
    • ‘The president has announced the approval of a new law to combat femicide.’
    • ‘The campaign was directly initiated by a shocking and devastating increase in femicide since the beginning of the year.’
    • ‘His actions have not been recognised as an escalation of domestic abuse that culminated in another case of femicide.’
    • ‘He failed to adequately address the problem of femicide while he was in office.’
    • ‘The governing political party's women's wing is picketing "against the high rate of femicide".’
    • ‘Research has found that previous arrest of the abuser is associated with decreased risk of femicide.’
    • ‘WHO also notes that pregnant women are generally at a higher risk of intimate partner femicide.’


Early 19th century from Latin femina ‘woman’ + -cide, after homicide, originally in simple sense ‘the killing of a woman’.