Meaning of femocrat in English:


Pronunciation /ˈfɛməkrat/


informal Australian
  • A female government official who advocates feminist policies.

    • ‘the report's author is Australia's senior femocrat’
    • ‘I don't know if I meet the cut for being a femocrat.’
    • ‘Her pedigree's impeccable—author of the feminist bible and past editor of Ms Magazine, star femocrat (former head of the Office of the Status of Women), and CEO-class decision maker.’
    • ‘Now the femocrats are losing out in favour of families.’
    • ‘She continues to be fiercely supported and promoted by the horde of so-called international "femocrats".’
    • ‘You can see how the new femocrats are transforming the culture in the issues that get debated, how they discuss them, and the way they organise and practise politics.’


1980s blend of feminist and bureaucrat.