Meaning of fencing in English:



mass noun
  • 1The sport of fighting with swords, especially foils, épées, or sabres, according to a set of rules, in order to score points against an opponent.

    as modifier ‘a fencing foil’
    • ‘There are three types of fencing weapons: Epee, foil and sabre.’
    • ‘It is as fundamental to rapier fencing as the lunge is to modern sport fencing.’
    • ‘They loaded it into the Holden's carriage along with some foils for fencing, a few books, and the girls' dolls.’
    • ‘Sword play, or fencing, was once the sport of aristocrats, inaccessible to the masses, mainly because they could not afford a sword.’
    • ‘The next day Tandy returned to the lab and noticed one of his fencing foils he'd left clamped in a vice.’
    • ‘If you were pretty ordinary at ball games as a child, if you're not a team player, then archery and fencing might be the sports for you.’
    • ‘Weightlifting and even sports such as fencing and shooting may also have cause for concern.’
    • ‘How many times have we heard the complaint that fencing isn't spectator-friendly?’
    • ‘When one is learning a system of fencing or any other martial art, it must be done in a logical progression.’
    • ‘Women's wrestling is a totally new discipline, while women's sabre is included in fencing.’
    • ‘If your lunge is powerful, the game of fencing will open itself up to you.’
    • ‘Olympic fencing includes men's and women's épée, foil and sabre.’
    • ‘The basics of sabre fencing are essentially simple.’
    • ‘I recently got back into sabre fencing and I have a pretty good idea of how much I lost.’
    • ‘His best sports are fencing and swimming; he has been swimming since he was six years old and started modern pentathlon at age 15’
    • ‘Oblivious to the attention they were receiving, Kirby and Jason used their broom handles like swords and began fencing back and forth.’
    • ‘My fencing and sword skills seemed to be the least affected.’
    • ‘As we have seen, the present scoring system in the hand of incompetent judges has changed the sport from boxing to fencing.’
    • ‘And you two aren't that bad, you stick to the code of fencing even when the rules are out the window.’
    • ‘However, in France, 500 fencing masters teach several thousand pupils each day.’
    1. 1.1The action of conducting a discussion or argument in an evasive way.
      ‘But because fencing and telling people is hard work, it looks grand and you feel like you're doing something.’
  • 2A series of fences.

    ‘security fencing’
    • ‘The company produces wrought iron gates, fencing, railings and balustrades.’
    • ‘Homes in the Walkley district, which has a high density of students, will be fitted with security gates and fencing.’
    • ‘Barriers should be used when fences are not feasible or in addition to fencing to enhance security.’
    • ‘Concrete barriers, metal fencing and checkpoints have been put in place around key buildings and routes on the mainland and surrounding islands.’
    • ‘Officers will now look at the option of opening the lake with high-level security fencing as an interim solution so they can get it up and running for the summer.’
    • ‘The lido, which first opened in 1906, is getting £50,000 on top of that to improve fencing and security.’
    • ‘The church is included in a multi-million pound refurbishment project, but it is unlikely the money can be used for security fencing.’
    • ‘It is understood that security fencing is necessary but visually the yard could be improved with natural screening.’
    • ‘The local crime prevention officer said the school is an unsafe place for the children because there is no security fencing.’
    • ‘More security fencing has also gone up at the back of the park's greenhouse after it had 24 panes of glass smashed in one night.’
    • ‘As your eyes get accustomed to the dark, you suddenly realize that you're completely surrounded by about 100 feet of industrial fencing.’
    • ‘One resident said groups of up to 40 teenagers are binge drinking in Cheam Park, and have vandalised cars and fencing at homes overlooking the park.’
    • ‘Contractors started taking down fencing and told residents it was easier for them to manoeuvre their vehicles if people started parking on the curbs.’
    • ‘Council contractors provided fencing to keep the area secure and the surface will now be relaid.’
    • ‘The club also hopes that vandal proof fencing will be in place by the start of the new season in April.’
    • ‘Stations were also encouraged to install secure fencing, better lighting and clearer signs, and to conduct opinion surveys among passengers.’
    • ‘The airport and city management will inspect fencing as a first step to ensuring safety, but no specific time frame was set detailing when this would occur.’
    • ‘Traditional electric fencing has a positive charge in each electrified wire.’
    • ‘It also proposes to improve the barrier between the new homes and the reserve with high timber fencing, trees and shrubs.’
    • ‘It's a square, solid, brown building, drab and dirty, surrounded by fencing and huge blocks of reinforced concrete.’
    1. 2.1Material used for the construction of fences.
      ‘chestnut is still in demand for fencing’
      • ‘Three hundred feet up he found the end of a partly constructed fence and a pile of fencing materials.’
      • ‘Stem and leaves are pretty useful for feeding the goats, or they're dried and used for firewood, fencing and roofing materials.’
      • ‘Consider natural material for fencing or screening.’
      • ‘I felt especially sympathetic because my son just got a lot of splinters in his hand moving some fencing material around at work.’
      • ‘Note too, that the timber and fencing used in building your Richmond Hill home in all probably came from the Rocky Creek catchment.’
      • ‘Equipment for the excavations arrived last week including portable buildings, fencing, toilets and generators.’
      • ‘Investigate those fencing materials that have higher break strength.’
      • ‘Among these was the shortage of timber for building purposes and fencing.’
      • ‘It is also a source of medicines for traditional healers and is used extensively for fencing, rope, firewood and building materials.’
      • ‘Vandals who threw metal fencing on to a railway track near Hapton could have endangered people's lives.’
      • ‘Stevenson appealed to communities to inform the police with regards to people who stole fencing so they can be prosecuted.’
      • ‘With the problem that farmers face today, good quality fencing was never more important.’
      • ‘James and his younger brother Brian were erecting the fencing shortly before 11 am.’
    2. 2.2The erection of fences.
      ‘It required levelling, asphalting and fencing.’
      ‘This would be spent on infrastructure, community-based tourism initiatives, capacity building and fencing.’
    3. 2.3The jumping of fences by a racehorse.
      as modifier ‘the horse makes his fencing debut today’
      • ‘A good finish, but not enough to make up for his weak performances in the rest of the disciplines - especially fencing and horse jumping.’
      • ‘This former high-class hurdler made a hugely impressive start to his fencing career when jumping superbly and scoring easily at Newton Abbot on his debut at the end of November.’
      • ‘Yorkshire racing tomorrow is centred on the course, where the horse makes his keenly-awaited fencing debut in the chase.’
      • ‘The trainer can lift the chase with the highly-rated horse, who was most impressive when winning on his fencing debut on this course four weeks ago.’
      • ‘The rider, whose name was noted by many when he finished third on his fencing debut at Newbury last month, will not be short of supporters at Hereford tomorrow.’
      • ‘The five-year-old produced a tremendous display of jumping on his fencing debut at Warwick last month when winning by 20 lengths.’