Meaning of fend off in English:

fend off

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phrasal verb

  • fend someone or something off, fend off someone or somethingDefend oneself from a blow, attack, or attacker.

    ‘Meredith tried frantically to fend him off’
    • ‘he fended off the awkward questions’
    • ‘Jamie went in for the win, but Ward fended him off quite well.’
    • ‘He attempted to attack Rhys, but she fended him off.’
    • ‘We fended them off but they started smashing bottles as they left.’
    • ‘I raised myself up on my right arm and fended the bike off.’
    • ‘Officers had to fend them off so Jackson could get away.’
    • ‘She was grappling with them and trying to fend them off.’
    • ‘There were three of them round me but I managed to fend them off.’
    • ‘The officer was forced to fend the dog off by striking out with his foot.’
    • ‘We don't need the Mayor's protection to fend off a solitary journalist asking a simple question.’
    • ‘HIV batters the body's defences until diseases which the immune system normally fends off become major threats.’
    ward off, head off, stave off, hold off, keep off, repel, repulse, resist, forestall, pre-empt, fight off, defend oneself against, guard against, discourage, prevent, stop, put a stop to, block, intercept, halt, arrest, check, curb, hold back, balk, foil, thwart, keep at bay, keep at arm's length