Meaning of fer de lance in English:

fer de lance

Pronunciation /ˌfɛː də ˈlɑːns/

nounplural noun fers de lance/ˌfɛː də ˈlɑːns/ , plural noun fer de lances

  • A large and dangerous pit viper native to Central and South America.

    Genus Bothrops, family Viperidae: several species, in particular B. atrox

    ‘He also finds some of the rare and unique snakes in his journey, which includes eyelash viper, the fer de lance and the bushmaster.’
    • ‘Later, there was a fight between a mongoose and a 6ft-long fer de lance.’
    • ‘Some venom kills very rapidly, such as that of the golden fer-de-lance (Bothrops insularis) of Queimada Island, off the Brazilian coast.’


Late 19th century from French, literally ‘iron (head) of a lance’.