Meaning of fern gully in English:

fern gully

nounplural noun fern gullies

  • A small valley in a forest where tree ferns are abundant.

    ‘at this point the track enters a fern gully’
    • ‘Harvey was appalled to discover that 'vandals' had destroyed the fern gully.’
    • ‘Some early colonial painters and poets were drawn to mountain ranges, fern gullies, and harbours which they could depict as picturesque or even sublime.’
    • ‘We went steeply down through fern gullies to the foot of the falls, three cascades that crash over slabs of rock.’
    • ‘Uncover the majestic beauty of southern Australia with its lush green fern gullies and the majestic gorges on this bush hike.’
    • ‘The combination of rainfall and rich volcanic soils renders the soil fertile and the ranges are cloaked in vast tracts of forests and fern gullies.’
    • ‘The Amaryllis belladonna is an intruder among the forests of mountain ash and manna gums, thick fern gullies and stands of tea tree on Victoria's south-west coast.’
    • ‘The Wandin to Mt Evelyn walk passes through some damp fern gullies and remnant bushland.’
    • ‘Its steep slopes are terraced and walking tracks pass through fern gullies where currawongs, honeyeaters, and kookaburras make their homes.’
    • ‘Head through tall eucalypt forests and cross a fern gully.’
    • ‘Near the house, a natural depression was selected as an eligible site for a fern gully.’