Meaning of ferrite in English:


Pronunciation /ˈfɛrʌɪt/


mass noun
  • 1A ceramic compound consisting of a mixed oxide of iron and one or more other metals which has ferrimagnetic properties and is used in high-frequency electrical components such as aerials.

    ‘He said that in this approach the core can be a highly magnetic material like iron or iron alloys, while the shell can be a mixed metal ferrite with tailored resistivity.’
    • ‘Some of the physical incidents in haunts, including interference with electrical equipment and movement of objects with ferrite components, may also be due to anomalous electromagnetic conditions.’
    • ‘The remainder enters into solid solution in the ferrite with the non-carbide forming elements nickel and silicon.’
    • ‘Product groups include passive and electromechanical components, capacitors, resistive products, ferrites, fuses, inductors and filters.’
    • ‘Neodymium magnets have dropped the weight by half of conventional ferrite car speakers and in the aftermarket have gained acceptance.’
  • 2Metallurgy
    A form of pure iron with a body-centred cubic crystal structure, occurring in low-carbon steel.

    ‘Trip steels have a microstructure with retained austenite, ferrite and martensite.’
    • ‘The microstructure is thus converted to ferrite, and the excess carbon is deposited on the existing nodules.’
    • ‘They exhibit an austenitic matrix, although several grades also contain some ferrite.’
    • ‘The solubility of both C and N in austenite should be greater than in ferrite, because of the larger interstices available.’
    • ‘The refinement of the grain size of ferrite provides one of the most important strengthening routes in the heal treatment of steels.’


Mid 19th century from Latin ferrum ‘iron’ + -ite.