Meaning of ferrocene in English:


Pronunciation /ˈfɛrəsiːn/


  • An orange crystalline compound whose molecule has a sandwich structure in which two planar cyclic hydrocarbon ligands enclose an iron atom.

    Chemical formula: Fe(C₅H₅)₂

    ‘The anchored ferrocene is a sandwich complex: two flat, five-membered carbon rings are the ‘bread’, while an iron atom in the middle serves as the filling.’
    • ‘It contains four ferrocenes encapsulated within the cavity of 1b and provides evidence that indeed multiple ferrocenes can be encapsulated in the interior of the positively charged host.’
    • ‘Further support was provided by the analogous compounds ferrocene and nickelocene.’
    • ‘In 1951, Cotton's first year of graduate school, Kealy and Paulson reported making the remarkably stable organo-transition metal complex ferrocene.’
    • ‘The T-allele has 3 primary forms; however, only 2 different ferrocene labels are used in this system.’


1950s from ferro-‘containing iron’ + -cene from c(yclopentadi)ene.