Meaning of ferroelectric in English:


Pronunciation /ˌfɛrəʊɪˈlɛktrɪk/


  • (of a substance) exhibiting permanent electric polarization which varies in strength with the applied electric field.

    ‘The material and the thickness of ferroelectric film are selected such that the product of the relative dielectric constant of ferroelectric film and the electric field across ferroelectric film is less than 15.6 Mv/cm.’
    • ‘When the device is used as a sonic actuator, the first and second electrode patterns are configured to introduce an electric field into the ferroelectric material when voltage is applied to the electrode patterns.’
    • ‘Similarly, ferroelectric materials have a spontaneous electric polarization, the direction of which can be switched with an applied electric field.’
    • ‘You can polarize a ferroelectric crystal by heating it, placing it in a vertically oriented electric field, and then cooling it.’
    • ‘In another feat of memory, researchers reported two years ago that a light-induced electric field could imprint a new refractive index along one dimension of a ferroelectric crystal.’


  • A ferroelectric substance.

    ‘Researchers want to use ferroelectrics for data storage, but the materials have other properties that make them ideal for steering microscopic motions in ink jet printers and for detecting infrared light at room temperature.’
    • ‘Now Mack Breazeale and his group at the University of Mississippi in University have found a new form of memory in ferroelectrics.’
    • ‘Some of these materials are extremely low fatigue ferroelectrics and are applied in ferroelectric FETs in non-volatile memories.’