Meaning of ferrous sulphate in English:

ferrous sulphate


(also ferrous sulphate)
mass noun
  • A pale green iron salt used in inks, tanning, water purification, and treating anaemia.

    Alternative name: iron(II) sulphate; chemical formula (crystals): FeSO₄.7H₂O

    ‘Other mined materials include iron from ferrous sulphate, copper, and molybdenum.’
    • ‘After about four years, they produced ‘liquor’ - a dilute solution of hydrated ferrous sulphate and sulphuric acid, which flowed via a planked channel to a cistern.’
    • ‘Investigations showed iron deficiency anaemia (haemoglobin 87 g/l, mean cell volume 69 fl), and she was treated with ferrous sulphate.’
    • ‘The researchers say that as few as 10 ferrous sulphate tablets, totalling 600 mg of elemental iron, can kill a small child.’
    • ‘The placebo contained ferrous sulphate 120 mg and calcium phosphate 240 mg.’