Meaning of ferruginous duck in English:

ferruginous duck


  • A Eurasian diving duck related to the pochard, the male of which has mainly dark red-brown breeding plumage.

    Aythya nyroca, family Anatidae

    ‘My visit to the Laundry pond yielded only a few birds, a single little egret, a coot, a pair of little grebes, several ferruginous ducks and a small flock of mallards.’
    • ‘There were about 50 coots, 25 shovelers, and a handful each of mallards and ferruginous ducks.’
    • ‘The city boys trod gingerly in their trainers at first, but soon they were well into the mysteries of ferruginous duck, pigmy cormorants, marsh harriers and lesser white-fronted geese.’
    • ‘At the laundry pond in addition to the usual species I saw another new species, a group of three ferruginous ducks.’