Meaning of fertility drug in English:

fertility drug


  • A drug used to enhance the ability to produce offspring, especially by improving the production or quality of eggs or sperm.

    ‘I got pregnant with the twins after finally starting a course of fertility drugs’
    • ‘They just delivered their second set of triplets, all without the help of any fertility drugs or treatment.’
    • ‘Shirley has had all her children with the help of a fertility drug.’
    • ‘The Chinese herbs greatly decreased my side effects from the fertility drugs.’
    • ‘Sometimes fertility drugs can enlarge a woman's ovaries.’
    • ‘The use of this fertility drug has now been stopped.’
    • ‘Treatment with fertility drugs did not improve ovulation rates in these studies.’
    • ‘They found no overall increased risk for ovarian cancer after use of any fertility drug.’
    • ‘The sextuplets resulted from fertility drugs used last summer.’
    • ‘Will I have a normal delivery after being on fertility drugs?’
    • ‘You may need fertility drugs to conceive and you can certainly have a normal delivery after conceiving.’