Meaning of fervidly in English:



See fervid

‘Singer's archeological inventory details the ‘curious intimacy’ of excavation, as each man fervidly declares his abject passion for Cinna and accuses the other of victimizing her.’
  • ‘On December 9, 1870, Tolstoy announced to his wife that he was going to learn Greek and began immersing himself in the language fervidly on an almost daily basis: Xenophon, some Plato, above all, Homer.’
  • ‘A maverick and visionary artist, fervidly dedicated to the perpetuation of South Indian culture, S. Rajam has painted his dreams his way.’
  • ‘‘Kofuku,’ the voice called again, this time more intensely and fervidly.’
  • ‘Do you remember being mystified by a student fervidly typing away on a PDA during the middle of a test?’