Meaning of Fescennine in English:


Pronunciation /ˈfɛsɪnʌɪn/


  • (of words or behaviour) obscene or scurrilous in nature.

    ‘Fescennine licence’
    • ‘A merry oration in the Fescennine manner.’
    • ‘Early native Italian jocular dialogue in Latin verse are known as Fescennine verses.’
    • ‘A Fescennine song was a lewd take on what was happening in the bridal chamber.’
    • ‘Professional actors replaced the rude, extempore Fescennine verses with dancing and singing to the flute.’
    • ‘In ancient Rome the performance of Fescennine songs at a wedding was said to avert the evil eye.’
    pornographic, indecent, salacious, smutty, lewd, rude, dirty, filthy, vulgar, foul, coarse, crude, gross, vile, nasty, disgusting, offensive, shameless, immoral, improper, immodest, impure, indecorous, indelicate, unwholesome, scabrous, off colour, lubricious, risqué, ribald, bawdy, suggestive, titillating, racy, erotic, carnal, sensual, sexy, lascivious, lecherous, licentious, libidinous, goatish, degenerate, depraved, amoral, debauched, dissolute, prurient


Early 17th century from Latin Fescenninus ‘relating to Fescennia’, a place in Etruria which was famous for bawdy verse in ancient times.