Meaning of festering in English:


Pronunciation /ˈfɛst(ə)rɪŋ/


  • 1(of a wound or sore) forming pus; septic.

    ‘a festering abscess’
    • ‘The drug is real enough, as are the gruesome side effects that leave addicts with festering abscesses.’
    • ‘She had a painful, festering bedsore that grew in size over six months to three inches in diameter.’
    • ‘Even if he is acquitted, there is still a festering boil on his reputation.’
    • ‘Anne limped on a fractured leg with festering wounds.’
    • ‘She took her cousin to Hospital for treatment of a festering foot infection.’
    • ‘They let the small wound turn into a festering infection.’
    • ‘Turkeys with festering infections were left to suffer without proper veterinary care.’
    • ‘I unintentionally popped a scab with a lot of festering pus.’
    • ‘He arrived with a festering stomach ulcer that's going to take a few weeks to cure with drugs that cost $194 a week.’
    • ‘He pulled up his shirt to show a festering wound.’
    1. 1.1(of food or waste) rotten and offensive to the senses.
      ‘piles of festering rubbish’
      • ‘Festering piles of uncollected trash dot the uneven sidewalks.’
      • ‘The street is piled high with festering rubbish as bins were not collected for seven weeks.’
      • ‘His series meticulously documents festering food in the most well-lit and sterile environment possible.’
      • ‘Attempts to contain a political crisis over festering garbage were thwarted on several fronts.’
      • ‘Most of us assume our supermarkets are clean and hygienic because of how quickly disease would spread festering meat were left on a grinder.’
      • ‘Roiling waters in the streets have given way to festering piles of garbage on the curbs.’
      • ‘He dealt with infections, wounds, and coughs caused by the unclean water and festering rubbish dump.’
      • ‘The news describes the blockage as a mix of "festering food fat mixed with wet wipes".’
      • ‘Due to my fellow apartment dwellers leaving unbelievable amounts of festering food waste in the garbage cans, the management removed them.’
      • ‘They described festering garbage pits and said water shipments have been inadequate.’
    2. 1.2(of a negative feeling or a problem) becoming worse or more intense, especially through long-term neglect or indifference.
      ‘they had ignored festering social problems’
      • ‘a festering political crisis’
      • ‘The leader has been driven by festering anger over his four successive election defeats he blames on fraud.’
      • ‘All parties involved in the festering conflict have agreed to work together in the interest of the party.’
      • ‘The dynasty crumbled due to a crippling recession and festering corruption.’
      • ‘The president's alleged plan to run again has been at the heart of the festering crisis.’
      • ‘The festering dispute continued through the years with one of the brothers demanding more land.’
      • ‘Even the most skilled , most levelheaded player can fail to quell the festering frustration.’
      • ‘Only a legitimate government can tackle the festering grievances in the north.’
      • ‘The roots of the revolt grew out of the festering hatred for the domineering colonial governor.’
      • ‘Seemingly every festering issue of his presidency was thrust into plain view.’
      • ‘They are a married couple who seem content but not without a hint of festering problems.’
      • ‘The three-hour presentation riled other investors and brought out into the open festering resentment.’
      • ‘The political system is a festering sore.’