Meaning of fetal in English:


Pronunciation /ˈfiːt(ə)l/

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(British foetal)
  • 1Relating to a fetus.

    ‘nutrients essential for normal fetal growth’
    • ‘Can fetal growth be improved in pregnancies at risk for fetal growth retardation?’
    • ‘This may also enhance understanding of how gestational age, fetal growth, and birth weight interact with each other.’
    • ‘The single largest condition associated with stillbirth is failure of fetal growth.’
    • ‘The pregnancy was uneventful, but the baby was delivered by ventouse extraction owing to fetal tachycardia.’
    • ‘Sebire questions the relevance of a category for fetal growth restriction, as most fetuses with this condition do not die.’
    • ‘Zinc deficiency in pregnant women causes abnormal labour, retarded fetal growth, and fetal abnormalities.’
    • ‘Women without obstetric complications are encouraged to have electronic fetal monitoring and epidural analgesia.’
    • ‘Impaired fetal growth is strongly associated with haemorrhagic stroke, but not with occlusive stroke.’
    • ‘Smoking in pregnancy is associated with increased rates of fetal and perinatal death and reduced birth weight for gestational age.’
    • ‘The paper does not consider important factors that affect both diet and fetal growth, such as ethnic origin.’
    • ‘Maternal hypoxia should be avoided because this can lead to fetal growth restriction.’
    • ‘It is not clear whether this would provide sufficient time for fetal lung growth to occur.’
    • ‘Assessing fetal growth is complex, and there is little consensus on which measure should be used.’
    • ‘The maternal environment plays an important role in controlling fetal growth.’
    • ‘The main determinants of fetal growth restraint in contemporary societies are not known.’
    • ‘Like other researchers we did not find an increased risk of reduced fetal growth.’
    • ‘In the second pregnancy trimester abnormal amniotic fetal cells can be detected.’
    • ‘The neurocognitive deficits in fetal alcohol syndrome and fetal alcohol spectrum disorder are pervasive.’
    • ‘Aminolaevulinic acid can cross the placenta and possibly cause toxicity to the developing fetal brain.’
    embryonic, fetal, expected, awaited
    1. 1.1Denoting a posture characteristic of a fetus, with the back curved forwards and the limbs folded in front of the body.
      ‘Her body jerked into a fetal position as she sobbed and clutched her side.’
      • ‘The boy in front of me has an odd posture: almost in a fetal position, slouched far, far down.’
      • ‘He curled into a fetal position, his knees drawn close to his body, and shivered slightly.’
      • ‘She almost twitched into a fetal position, and her body moved slightly in one last defense.’
      • ‘Try to roll your body in, as if getting into a fetal position, as opposed to keeping your back rigid.’
      • ‘I called in sick way too many days, spent a lot of time at home curled up in a fetal position.’
      • ‘In other words, if somebody hits you, you don't curl up in the fetal position and beg your enemy not to hurt you.’
      • ‘The intensity of being in first year is often enough to make any freshman curl up in the fetal position and sob uncontrollably.’
      • ‘Me, I'd be curled up in a fetal position in bed, railing against the bitterness of life.’
      • ‘She goes from a fetal position of crying to walking around the cell, singing gospel music.’
      • ‘Only after two to three times will the fetal position return to normal.’
      • ‘Basically, one saw a big flash of light, one should duck down into a fetal position and cover themselves up to be safe.’
      • ‘Me, I would curl up in a fetal position under the table and wait for someone to rescue me.’
      • ‘I return to the fetal position with my remote control and try to console myself.’
      • ‘He would just curl up in a fetal position in the tour bus and talk to fantasy friends that lived inside of his head.’
      • ‘Some were in the fetal position, curled up, as if trying to escape within themselves.’
      • ‘In fetal position, they uncurled and curled, then sat up like baby birds begging for worms.’
      • ‘There she laid in the fetal position with her head buried crying hysterically.’
      • ‘Her slumbering figure was in a fetal position and her head rested on his lap.’
      • ‘She had managed to curl herself into a tighter ball, resembling a child in the fetal position.’