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fetch up

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phrasal verb

informal British
  • Arrive or come to rest somewhere, typically by accident or unintentionally.

    • ‘all four of them fetched up in the saloon bar of the Rose and Crown’
    • ‘Without a pitch of their own, teams would fetch up in a farmer's field to start a game and sometimes have to finish it in another field up the road.’
    • ‘Always on the run from creditors, the baron fetched up in Naples a year before Hamilton arrived.’
    • ‘A classically trained viola player, John Cale took career advice from Bernstein and Copland before fetching up at the Factory with Warhol, Nico and Lou Reed.’
    • ‘These people seem to travel constantly, fetching up at the key events that punctuate the shifting circuit.’
    • ‘Timothy Spall fetches up as a blithering British expatriate in regulation grubby white suit, on hand to instruct Tom - and us - about what's supposed to be going on.’
    • ‘After a nervous breakdown and suicide attempt he eventually fetches up in New York, where he makes good as an art dealer and critic while experimenting with booze, pills and sex.’
    • ‘One's envy increases when he fetches up at Pembroke College, Cambridge, to read English.’
    • ‘Houllier fetches up at Lyon where he inherits the most eye-catching team in Europe.’
    • ‘It was here that Mary Salomé (mother of James and John), Mary Jacobé (sister of the Virgin) and an A list of other early-Christian celebrities fetched up after being set adrift in a boat from Palestine.’
    • ‘He liked to work in sequence, creating a kind of photographic flick book of the places he fetched up in and somehow endowing his work with a sense of restless narrative.’
    • ‘After two hours of dodge-and-pray, we fetched up beneath a rocky overhang and collapsed.’
    • ‘A rumbustious English beachcomber, Barker, has fetched up on its shores after half a lifetime at sea.’
    • ‘Instead, given their abject beginning to the season, they fetched up in Milan in an anxious state looking only for a performance.’
    • ‘Many of the musical types who have recently chosen to make their home in Montreal have an interesting story to tell as to how and why they fetched up there.’
    • ‘With a frightful inevitability I fetched up in an empty disabled space right by the loudspeakers outside the new store.’
    • ‘After Rio, he fetched up in Valparaiso in Chile and spent a day in a school telling children about his life and how rowing became part of it.’
    • ‘They even managed to tempt their father into the studio, to play some slide on a track that has fetched up on the new album as Voices.’
    • ‘One night, Chesnutt fetched up at a party and started singing a couple of his songs.’
    • ‘There was no way any of the international lads could have gone but some of the others could easily have fetched up there.’
    • ‘We fetched up at the bottom of the spur little better than a mob, but still with our wounded.’
    end up, finish up, turn up, arrive, appear, pop up, materialize, find itself
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