Meaning of fête galante in English:

fête galante

nounplural noun fêtes galantes/ˌfɛt ɡaˈlɒ̃t/ /fɛt ɡalɑ̃t/

  • 1An outdoor entertainment or rural festival, especially as depicted in 18th-century French painting.

    ‘They chat with the clowns and guitarists who entertain them in these fêtes galantes (amorous festivities) as freely as one would in an open-air party today.’
    • ‘These parties became veritable fêtes galantes from which the larger spectacle could be enjoyed.’
    1. 1.1A painting in the fête galante genre.
      ‘Watteau's fêtes galantes, his enigmatic fantasies of courtly love, offer a feast for the eyes.’
      • ‘Based loosely on a contemporary opera-ballet of the same name, the picture is a fête galante, a poetic subject Watteau made his own.’
      • ‘His best-known works are conversation pieces, which owe a debt to the theatre, derived from French fêtes galantes.’
      • ‘In his "fêtes galantes" Watteau focusses on a series of groups echoing each other.’


fête galante

/ˌfɛt ɡaˈlɒ̃t/ /fɛt ɡalɑ̃t/


French, literally ‘elegant festival’.