Meaning of feu in English:


Pronunciation /fjuː/


Scots Law
  • 1A perpetual lease at a fixed rent.

    ‘We know about Pitmunie because of the archaeological work of Henry Hamilton in the 1930s, and records of leases and feus.’
    • ‘A feu, in short, was a perpetual lease - a feu-farm, as it was often called - by which the tenant became bound to pay a substantial consideration.’
    1. 1.1A piece of land held by a feu lease.
      ‘The feudal system and the feu disposition (the actual document which transfers ownership of the land from a superior to a purchaser) has been a useful tool for property developers in both the public and private sectors.’
      • ‘Reformation enabled tenants to buy for a steep price feu charters which apart from a small ongoing feu duty bestowed virtual ownership.’

verbverb feus, verb feuing, verb feued

[with object]Scots Law
  • Grant (land) on a feu ease.

    ‘The trustees' decision in 1760 to feu land to the town council, however, opened old wounds and was no formality.’
    • ‘In 1551, for financial reasons, Aberdeen applied to Mary Queen of Scots and was granted the right to feu these lands.’


Late 15th century (originally denoting a feudal tenure in which an annual payment was made in lieu of military service): from Old French (see fee).