Meaning of feudal in English:


Pronunciation /ˈfjuːdl/

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  • 1According to, resembling, or denoting the system of feudalism.

    ‘the feudal system’
    • ‘After the Norman Conquest the system of feudal landholding required the lord of the manor to provide a court for his tenants.’
    • ‘The feudal system meant that knights had to provide the king with soldiers when the king demanded them.’
    • ‘The Viking Age ended when many states in Europe developed the feudal system.’
    • ‘By the end of the ninth century the feudal system had bound together the greater part of the population.’
    • ‘Ferdinand IV also alienated the rural masses by failing to abolish the feudal system and alleviate the tax burden.’
    • ‘This reliance on the local lord of the manor was all part of the feudal system introduced by William the Conqueror.’
    • ‘Here we see the germ of a practice which later on developed into the European feudal system.’
    • ‘A similar pattern evolved in countries which were in the Roman empire or were part of the feudal system.’
    • ‘This distinction can be traced back to the land tenure system of feudal times.’
    • ‘Authoritarianism is thus engrained in the feudal personality and is as essential to the feudal system as oxygen is to human life.’
    • ‘Indeed, promoting capitalism often results in a system that resembles medieval feudal societies.’
    • ‘The feudal system is cloistered and I welcomed the change as it gave me a chance to grow emotionally and spiritually.’
    • ‘With the abolition of the feudal system, the superior's right to enforce these restrictions will disappear.’
    • ‘So it's pretty much like a feudal system of the kings where people are thrown into prison and they have no way of getting out.’
    • ‘Last year, he attacked the Scottish Executive for breaching his human rights by abolishing the feudal system.’
    • ‘Churchill was a remnant of a feudal system and his contempt for progress expressed itself in his attitude towards workers.’
    • ‘The right to teach at the universities was often granted like a title of land in the feudal system.’
    • ‘Such absolute power can easily corrupt, and it is no wonder that the feudal system in Pakistan is humanly degrading.’
    • ‘In a feudal system there is always another member of the clan to step forward to assume the leadership.’
    • ‘The Chamberlain brought in revenue, locally supported by the officials of royal burghs, and feudal barons.’
    1. 1.1Absurdly outdated or old-fashioned.
      ‘his view of patriotism was more than old-fashioned—it was positively feudal’
      • ‘We know it was feudal, backward and deeply conservative, in pressing need of reforms.’
      • ‘Why does Lee persist in this feudal and backward way of thinking as soon as he turns to talk about China?’
      • ‘The in-laws phoned my husband for months at times when they knew I probably would not be home, and harassed him endlessly with their feudal views of how he should shut up his rebellious wife.’
      old-fashioned, out of date, outmoded, out of fashion, unfashionable, out of style, dated, out, outworn, old, former, musty, old-time, old-world, behind the times, behindhand, past, bygone, archaic, obsolescent, obsolete, ancient, antiquated, superannuated, defunct, medieval, prehistoric, antediluvian, old-fogeyish, old-fangled, backward-looking, quaint, anachronistic, crusted, feudal, fusty, moth-eaten, olde worlde


Early 17th century from medieval Latin feudalis, from feudum (see fee).