Meaning of fever pitch in English:

fever pitch


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mass noun
  • A state of extreme excitement.

    ‘the football crowd was at fever pitch’
    • ‘a fever pitch of nervous excitement’
    • ‘Excitement was at fever pitch for the final divisional game against St. John's (Belfast).’
    • ‘Excitement reached fever pitch when Tony Convery was yellow carded and Antrim had used up their 6 subs with ten minutes still to go.’
    • ‘Excitement reached fever pitch as Santa took centre stage on Saturday in the company of a group of delighted and excited children.’
    • ‘A huge crowd turned out to welcome home the champs and excitement reached fever pitch as the cup was paraded through the town.’
    • ‘Excitement grew to fever pitch when Waterford won in Dalymount Park and then faced into the den of the League leaders.’
    • ‘Excitement was fever pitch as the teams belied their youth with their terrific knowledge and enthusiasm.’
    • ‘Excitement was now at fever pitch but the flow of the game had tipped towards the home team.’
    • ‘The excitement reaches fever pitch in the town and for a couple of days it seems as though the world wants to talk to you.’
    • ‘On the big night the excitement reached fever pitch, as the 18 contestants stood on stage in their national costumes.’
    • ‘With excitement reaching fever pitch the only question is how long everyone can bear to wait until Monday, 17 May!’
    • ‘It was hard work but glorious, his excitement rising to fever pitch as the tunnel shortened.’
    • ‘We were already excited to fever pitch by the walk across town and people doing last-minute shopping.’
    • ‘The announcement was made at a special function in Dublin Castle last week where the excitement and the tension was, as always, fever pitch.’
    • ‘The excitement in the household reached fever pitch as Amir went 15 points ahead of Stilianov with a flurry of blows to cement his win in the fourth and final round.’
    • ‘After the excitement of the royal visit activity will be kept at fever pitch at the weekend with the re-enactment of the Battle of Marlborough.’
    • ‘Still ten clear days to go, but already the excitement is building steadily to what will ultimately become fever pitch.’
    • ‘The excitement was, once again, at fever pitch as all the children had come to school in fancy dress.’
    • ‘This game will be remembered as much for the climax as the opening half when only two points were exchanged in the final seven minutes as tension rose to fever pitch.’
    • ‘With a panel of Indonesian judges preparing to pass what is likely to be a heavy prison sentence tomorrow, public and media interest is at fever pitch.’
    • ‘What a dedicated father he must be to ‘bounce out of bed and play a bit with the kids’ when the election speculation is at fever pitch.’