Meaning of feyness in English:



See fey

‘Yet why not hope for a change in appetite, why not hope that vulnerability, doubt, languor, even feyness, might find a mass market once again?’
  • ‘With the latest album, Dear Catastrophe Waitress, any lingering wisps of feyness are only there for fun.’
  • ‘The execution is uneven and sometimes marred by the smirky feyness that the magazine occasionally succumbs to, but the spirit of the enterprise is so lively and amusing that Mathews would feel right at home.’
  • ‘But there's a natural lightness, a feyness to some people, and I don't know how that happens.’
  • ‘While the feyness level may not be set as high as that of Nordenstam's, it may still be too much for some.’