Meaning of Fianna Fáil in English:

Fianna Fáil

Pronunciation /fɪˌanə ˈfɔɪl/ /ˌfʲiənə ˈfaːlʲ/

proper noun

  • One of the two main political parties of the Republic of Ireland. Larger and traditionally more republican than its rival Fine Gael, it was formed in 1926 in opposition to the Anglo-Irish Treaty of 1921 by Eamon de Valera together with some of the moderate members of Sinn Fein.


Irish, from fianna ‘band of warriors’ (applied to the soldiers of Finn MacCool; compare with Fenian) and Fáil, genitive of Fál, an ancient name for Ireland. The phrase Fianna Fáil was used in 15th-century poetry in the neutral sense ‘people of Ireland’, but the founders of the political party interpreted it to mean ‘soldiers of destiny’.


Fianna Fáil

/fɪˌanə ˈfɔɪl/ /ˌfʲiənə ˈfaːlʲ/