Meaning of fibre-optic cable in English:

fibre-optic cable


(US fiber-optic cable)
  • A cable consisting of one or more thin flexible fibres with a glass core through which light signals can be sent with very little loss of strength.

    ‘digital cable TV is delivered via a network of high-speed fibre-optic cables’
    • ‘in total, 86 kms of underground fibre-optic cable are to be laid’
    • ‘The internet's backbone runs mainly via laser light transmitted along fibre-optic cables.’
    • ‘BT, the major installer, already has over 4.4m km of fibre-optic cable installed in the UK.’
    • ‘In many urban areas fibre-optic cable is available, which dramatically increases broadband speeds.’
    • ‘About 150 km of new fibre-optic cable is being laid in Bombay, the first target.’
    • ‘Bandwidth capacity of fibre-optic cable is much greater than that of copper wire.’
    • ‘The 911 emergency call service was affected in both provinces after the main and back-up fibre-optic cables were severed.’
    • ‘All but a few of the UK's households have can broadband access via standard phone lines or fibre-optic cable services.’
    • ‘As individual computers are wired together with the fibre-optic cables of the internet, the boundaries between them blur.’
    • ‘The vehicle is controlled via a 2,000m fibre-optic cable.’
    • ‘The internet is coming to the South Pole following a decision to lay a fibre-optic cable across the polar ice.’