Meaning of fibrillate in English:



[no object]
  • 1(of a muscle, especially in the heart) make a quivering movement due to uncoordinated contraction of the individual fibrils.

    ‘the atria ceased to fibrillate when the temperature was reduced’
    • ‘Ventricular fibrillation is a life-threatening disturbance in the heart rhythm, which causes the heart to fibrillate in a disordered way.’
    • ‘If one were to look at the heart as it were fibrillating, it would look like a bowl of Jell-O quivering.’
    • ‘When the heart fibrillates as a result of hypothermia, the surgeon crossclamps the ascending aorta using a medium Fogarty clamp.’
    • ‘Macro re-entry is defined as a storm of electrical energy that travels in spinning wavelets (ie, macro reentrant circuit) across both atria, causing these upper chambers to quiver or fibrillate 300 to 600 times per minute.’
    • ‘In the heart rate control strategy, therapy is aimed at controlling the rate at which the lower chambers of the heart beat, while allowing the atria to continue to fibrillate.’
    • ‘Anticoagulation is required afterwards because the atria continue to fibrillate and the risk of systemic embolism persists.’
    • ‘He had persevered to make things work with his ex, the only woman who had made his heart fibrillate.’
    • ‘And then they did that thing where they go into the heart with the electrical shock to cure the fibrillation, which they did, and now they say it's not fibrillating.’
    • ‘She shuts off her beeping pager so she can answer the phone - one patient in another wing just started fibrillating and, from across the hospital, she's prescribing a cure.’
  • 2(of a fibre) split up into fibrils.

    ‘Following installation of the fabric, when high pressure showers are in use, the yarns tend to fibrillate, small pieces of yarn peeling away and often ending up in the cross-over point of the weave.’
    • ‘During tufting, however, the profiled weft yarn fibrillates in an uncontrolled manner which for deniers finer than about 500 dtex can result in such low strength that the resulting carpet tears during the finishing process.’
    1. 2.1with object Break (a fibre) into fibrils.
      ‘The thicker the ribbon yarn the more difficult the yarn is to fibrillate and the harder it is for tufting needles to penetrate the unfibrillated portions.’
      • ‘Another goal of the treatment process is also to preferably fibrillate the yarn and/or filaments of the fabric.’



/ˈfɪbrɪleɪt/ /ˈfʌɪbrɪleɪt/