Meaning of fibrinoid in English:




See fibrin

‘In addition, three patients had hyaline collagen degeneration, four myxoid degeneration, three fibrinoid degeneration, and six had mixed lesions.’
  • ‘Fibrin deposition was found in areas of fibrinoid necrosis within the glomeruli and in the interstitium.’
  • ‘Other nonspecific features include intimal proliferation, duplication and/or fragmentation of the internal elastic lamina, a sparse perivascular inflammatory infiltrate, and fibrinoid necrosis of the intima.’
  • ‘In some areas, particularly those close to the surface of the tumors, the eosinophilic extracellular material resembled fibrinoid necrosis and showed associated areas of organization consistent with typical granulation tissue.’
  • ‘Delayed radiation injuries result in increased tissue pressure from oedema, vascular injury leading to infarction, damage to endothelial cells and fibrinoid necrosis of small arteries and arterioles.’