Meaning of fibromatous in English:


Pronunciation /fʌɪˈbrəʊmətəs/



See fibroma

‘Fibrosarcoma of the ovary is a rare tumor that is considered to arise de novo or secondary to benign fibromatous tumors.’
  • ‘The stroma is most commonly scant but may be prominent and can occasionally be fibromatous, edematous, or myxoid.’
  • ‘Histopathology demonstrated glands that were neither crowded nor complex, with intervening fibromatous stroma that contained occasional endometrial stromal cells.’
  • ‘The tumor was called extracranial fibromatous meningioma.’
  • ‘A rare and unique tumor of infants, fibrous hamartoma was first described by Reye1 in 1956 as a subdermal fibromatous tumor of infancy.’