Meaning of fibular in English:



See fibula

‘Stress fractures in our study, except for one involving the lumbar spine, were located in the tibial, fibular, metatarsal, and navicular bones.’
  • ‘The fibular collateral ligament is a strong round cord, about 5 cm long, attached proximally to a tubercle on the lateral epicondyle of the femur, just proximal and posterior to a groove from which the popliteus muscle arises.’
  • ‘The distal end of the fibula, as in all carnivores, has a lateral fibular process separating the tendon of fibularis (= peroneus) longus from that of fibularis brevis.’
  • ‘The branches of the posterior tibial artery are the fibular circumflex branch, peroneal, tibial nutrient, communicating posterior medial malleolar, and the medial calcaneal.’
  • ‘Medially the fibular facet doubles in width, becomes slightly concave with a smoothly rounded, raised margin, and faces principally dorsolaterally but also slightly proximally.’