Meaning of fic in English:


Pronunciation /fɪk/


mass noun
  • 1Fiction, especially fan fiction.

    ‘I've been reading One Direction fic longer than I've even been a proper fan’
    • ‘she prefers to write long historical novels in highly accessible prose rather than lit fic’
    • ‘She teamed up with Billings in 2010 to write other fic together.’
    • ‘I'm more of a non-fic writer than fic and my non-fic topic won't appeal to my writer audience.’
    • ‘This is much too good a book to veer into "revenge fic", a sub-species of fan fiction in which writers inflict suffering on characters that they dislike.’
    • ‘Printing usable organs is something that sounds like science fic.’
    • ‘And just FYI, all fic extracts here are presented largely as originally written, intermittent avant garde grammar and all.’
    • ‘I don't write my fic to get paid money; I write it as a gift to the fandom, and my pay is the thanks, comments and reviews of my fellow fans.’
    • ‘I promise if you click on them you will find some quality fic.’
    • ‘There are plenty of people writing and reading fic that wouldn't identify themselves as members of fandom.’
    • ‘Sunday i spent almost the entirety of the day in bed (reading fic).’
    • ‘i rarely read fic on the computer anymore.’
    1. 1.1count noun A piece of fan fiction.
      ‘I read tons of fics’
      • ‘a Twilight fic’
      • ‘She published her fic as a legitimate novel, and it had a rabid online fanbase.’
      • ‘I don't think any of her fics are online anymore.’
      • ‘"I look back at my first fics and cringe," she says.’
      • ‘I knew that they have published fics before with amazing success, so I was understandably thrilled.’
      • ‘Celebrity fics are really creepy.’
      • ‘A fic in the genre of alternative universe, here Sherlock Holmes is a famous chef and Watson is running a struggling family restaurant.’
      • ‘Mine is a fic I'm writing as a cheering-up for a friend; it is a few thousand words of plotless fluff that involves the Avengers rescuing a dog.’
      • ‘I've been saving my favorite fics to a disc like crazy.’
      • ‘Lol, I'm loving your fics that I'm reading!’


1930s (in sci-fic, short for science fiction): abbreviation.